A new generation of the molybdenum wire cut machine of HB600,perfect integrated design and minimized workshop space support you to realize the maxium production value. 

Fully meet the latest National Standard JB/T11999.1-2014

Challenge the limit of molybdenum wire cut machine and achieve the peak performance

  Best Surface Finish:      Ra<0.6μm 

  Max. Cutting Speed :   300mm?/min

  Original non-Electrolytic Power supply 




HB600Excellent Mechnical Highlights

Innovative Architechure

Four-axis AC servo with four-axis ball screw and linear guide rail, bringing unprecedented accuracy assurance.

Independent layout

X axis and Y axis independent layout, UV shaft truss structure to ensure high accuracy. The configuration of high quality castings and reinforcement can inhibit the deformation of the bed.



Protection Working Area

The frame water retaining structure makes cutting fluid no longer leaked. The lifting baffle is convenient for workpiece installation and saves space.



LED Lighting 

LED lamp and working status indicator, always master the operation of the equipment.

Two ways of wire thread

Meet the different processing needs and very simple to replace the guide wheel. 

Centralized Lubrication

Guideway and ball screw centralized lubrication, keep the workshop environment clean and tidy.


Easy to use

The position of the  console is adjusted at will and the control is handy.


HB600Carefully Design System

Intelligent Human-computer interaction system

Windows 7

Resolution display

Powerful process Parameter Library 


HB600 Introduction processing cases


Die- Punch                                                Tapper cutting

Workpiece thickness   40mm                   Workpiece thickness:   60mm

Material:                      SKD61                   Material   SKD11

Best Surface Finish:    Ra<0.6μm             Best Surface Finish  Ra<0.8μm

Cutting numbers        4                             Cutting numbers   4

Tolerance                   5μm                        Tapper Angle±6?


 HB600 Specifications 

Machine body

Worktable stroke(X,Y)                    600mm*400mm

Wire Speed                                       1.18-11.8m/s

Machine weight                               2500㎏/2800㎏

Machine Dimmension(L*W) :          2260mm*1870mm

Max.workpiece height                     400mm

Max. Cutting Angle                          20?/100mm

Worktable size                                  1250mm*700mm

Max.workpiece weight                     900㎏

Water tank

Filter accuracy                                  0.01mm

Capacity                                           130L

Working Methode                            Filtration System

Pulse Power

Max cutting speed                           ≥300㎜?/min

Best Surface Finish                           Ra≤0.6μm

Max. Cutting Currrent                      12A

CNC System

Hardware Configurations:                Industrial computer, LED display, Mitsubishi AC servo driver system, Schneider Inverter          

Data Port                                           USB, LAN

Programming Code:                         ISO code

Axis Numbers                                   5-axis and 4 axis simultaneous control, pitch compensation realized.

Menu Language                               Chinese/English/English (Inch)/ Italian/ Korean/Japanese

Aluminum cutting option

Power Supply

Power                                               3-380V±10%   50±1HZ

Working temperature                     10-35℃

Consumption                                  1.2KVA


Z axis CNC

Aluminum Cutting